Rogers Printing Company, Inc. accepts files created in a number of applications found on Windows, Macintosh and other computer platforms.

We have listed some of these below:



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Acrobat


Generic File Formats: TIFF, JPEG, SCT, GIF, EPS, PSD, PDF

We accept files in many formats in either platform

Mac or Pc: Zip, Cd, Flopy Disk, Email or File Transfer.



Tips on preparing your files for printing:


1. Have you supplied all the necessary files? Include all image and graphic files imported into your document. Graphics that are missing may remain visible but will output in low resolution and look pixelized and fuzzy. Also please supply original and editable copies of all graphic files.


2. Have you supplied the necessary fonts for your job? Please be certain to provide both printer and screen fonts. If printer fonts are missing we will not be able to create films for your job.


3. Have you converted all your colors from RGB to CMYK?Your images may print black and white or with inaccurate color if you neglect to convert images.


4. When converting a Pantone color to CMYK, have you verified that the CMYK color is equivalent to the original color? Some Pantone colors are outside of the CMYK color space and appear different when printed as process color. View your screen after conversion for a rough idea of how that color will appear. For an exact determination, view a Pantone color conversion guide.


5. Have you scanned or saved your images at the correct resolution? Set scanning resolution at 300 (DPI) dots per inch for pictures and 800 DPI for Line Art.


6. Are your document bleeds set up correctly? Make sure all bleeds extend one eighth of an inch beyond the edge of the size of the finished document.


7. Have you sent us a mock-up of your document? It is always useful to have a mock-up as a guide for printing. A PDF e-mailed with your job or even a laser proof faxed to Rogers Printing can serve as such a guide.


8. If you are mailing us a disk or art, have you labeled everything? Clearly write your name, address and phone number on all diskettes, art or proofs that are sent to us. It is also helpful to provide us with a checklist of everything you are sending.


Following the above checklist helps reduce potential problems, accelerates job delivery and avoids additional fees associated with pre-press problems. However, do not worry if you do not do all these steps or do not understand how to do them.


We can work with any file you provide.


Just submit whatever you have: we will pick up the phone and call you if we have questions.

Preparing Files for Print

Digital File Recommendations and Specifications


We accept a variety of digital file formats for print. We’ll make every effort to work with you to assure that the quality of your project meets your expectations. Th e following recommendations will help to assure best results:

File Formats


PDF – prepared for print in CMYK mode with image resolutions at 300 DPI or higher and fonts embedded.


Adobe InDesign – Package for print provider.


Photoshop or other image file – PSD file with layers and fonts included. Flattened Photoshop files or raster (.jpg or .tif) images from other photo editing platforms should be submitted at 300 DPI in CMYK color mode. Our ability to alter or correct flat image files is limited.


Adobe Illustrator – For best results, submit files at final size with fonts converted to outlines.


Embedded raster images should be in CMYK color mode and a minimum of 150 DPI at final size.


Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint – Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint files are not recommended for professional print. For best results convert Publisher and PowerPoint files to PDF format at finished size.


Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word files are not recommended. For best results, convert Word files to .PDF before submitting files.

Crops and Bleeds 


Bleed – ⅛” all sides


Safe Area – Allow a minimum safe area (margin) of ⅛” from finished trim

Color Mode and Image Resolution


All images and files should be submitted in CMYK color mode. Recommended image resolution for off set and digital print is 300 DPI at final size.

Fonts and Graphics


Fonts and graphic images should be embedded in .pdf files. Please include or package font files and images separately if submitting native files. For best results, convert fonts to outlines in vector images (.ai, .eps, .pdf) for wide format print.


Please note: Fonts are not embedded in Microsoft applications and substitution problems are likely to occur.



Multi-page documents (books, manuals, booklets) should be submitted in single page format and in page number order. You may include page numbers or request addition per your specifications.



You’ll want to make a final check of your art after prepress changes have been made. Rogers Printing provides PDF proofs for every project for your approval. PDF proofs may vary in color from monitor to monitor unless color calibration is applied. Hard copy proofs increase color accuracy and are available by request. If color must be absolutely precise, we encourage you to schedule a Press Check to approve color and print quality as production begins

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